Information for local businesses

The ART-Town project invites artists to create a work of art in public spaces with an aim to engage people in their everyday lives and provide an opportunity for dialogue and social interaction that is the heart of our vibrant precinct.

Businesses throughout the Chapel Street Precinct are encouraged to host an artist in residence during Art Town.

This is a unique opportunity to do something different from your day-to-day business, and enables you to create new ways to reach out and communicate with your customers, and take part in celebrating social entrepreneurship, and the collective community.

Local businesses and artists are carefully selected for the right fit.

Whether you create your own event around your artist in residence, or simply have the artist at work in your store or business, art town artists attract attention and public interest.

Please contact ART TOWN Producer Margaret Kernich to discuss ART TOWN artist in residence opportunities on M: 0414 742 957.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to attend all sessions, over both weekends?

No. Some artists will choose one weekend, or one day of each weekend. However, many also choose to work on each day of the event. Please speak to the Project co-ordinator if you need to discuss the best way for you to produce your Artwork.

Is the event only for Painters?

No – We encourage any form of visual Art!
Previously Art Town has included Multi Media Artists, Photographers, Installation Artists, Sculptors, Street Art crews, Graphic Artists, and Chalk & Sticker Arts…as well as paint in Oils, Acrylic & Watercolour etc.

Can I work in a location other than those specified in the registration form?

Yes, as long as it is in the Chapel Street Precinct, although please discuss with the project co-ordinator beforehand.

Can I work on my Artwork at home?

Artworks can be finished off, or prepared for presentation at home, although most of the work should be created on site.

Does my Artwork need to be framed?

Generally, works on paper are far better when presented in an appropriate frame.
Photographs do not necessarily need framing.
All artworks need to be presented with a high degree of finish including edges & sides of canvases painted neatly.
All artworks to be hung must be delivered fitted with D rings and wire.
Please ask the Project co-ordinator if you need guidance in presenting your Artwork in the best possible way.

What happens if we have bad weather?

Many of our locations do have shelter in the event of rain. For examples in the past participating artists have worked under awnings along the shop fronts of Chapel Street, rotunda in the gardens and undercover in Yarra Lane. In the case of heavy rain or storms the event will cease for the day and you may have to work on another day, so it’s always good to have a back-up plan.

Can I sell my artwork at the exhibition?

Yes. Most artists appreciate the opportunity to offer their work for sale, although you can mark your work ‘Not For Sale’ if you wish. We put interested buyers directly in touch with the artists, and will advise on procedure for the sale transaction.